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Beyblade Burst Rise Episodes In Tamil (480p TATAPlay WEB-DL)

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Title : Beyblade Burst Rise
Audio : Tamil (AAC 2.0)
Quality : 480p TATAPlay WEB-DL
Size – 100 MB To 200 MB
Encoded By : Unitamilcartoons


Episode 01 Ace Dragon! On the Rise! Download

Episode 02 Abracadabra! Wizard Fafnir! Download

Episode 03 Dragon vs Fafnir! Download

Episode 04 Inspiration! Challenging Valt! Download

Episode 05 All-In! Judgement Joker! Download

Episode 06 The Final Hand! Download

Episode 07 Bey Carnival! Epic Final! Download

Episode 08 Dante vs Delta! Download

Episode 09 Flying High! Harmony Pegasus! Download

Episode 10 Flash of Light! Shining Crux! Download

Episode 11 Battle in the Skies! Download

Episode 12 Spin! Advance! Survive! Download

Episode 13 The Final Stage! Facing Aiger! Download

Episode 14 Shining Bright! Hyper-Flux! Download

Episode 15 Invasion! The New King! Download

Episode 16 Rebirth! Command Dragon! Download

Episode 17 Genesis in Motion! Download

Episode 18 Dragon vs Apocalypse! Download

Episode 19 Dragon vs Genesis! Download

Episode 20 Rebirth! Master Devolos! Download

Episode 21 Ultimate Creation! Eclipse Genesis! Download

Episode 22 Shining Ashindra! Download

Episode 23 Dragon’s Ultimate Awakening! Download

Episode 24 Rising Ferocity! Tag Battle! Download

Episode 25 The Greatest Tag Battle Ever! Download

Episode 26 Rising Friendship! Master Dragon! Download


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