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Beyblade Burst Season 01 Tamil Dubbed Episodes

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Beyblade Burst Season 01 Tamil Dubbed Episodes BBB 2016 HD 720p Tamildubbed Free Download And Watch Online


Title : Beyblade Burst

Audio : Tamil Org Audio

Quality : 720p WEB_DL

Size : 120 – 130MB

Encode : Toon Stalker

Valt Aoi, an elementary school student, starts practising Beyblades, spinning tops enchanted with magical spirits of different creatures, to work his way up to become a world class player.

Episodes List

E01 : Let’s Go! Valtryek!

E02 : Guard Dog Of The Underworld! Kerbeus!!

E03 : Blast-Off! Rush Launch!

E04 : Beyblade Club: Let’s Get Started!

E05 : Into the Darkness! Dark Doomscizor!

E06 : Get Ready! Crash Course!

E07 : The Flash Launch! It’s Crazy Fast!

E08 : A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!

E09 : Wyvron in the Way!

E10 : Get Over It! Trust in Valtryek!

E11 : Spryzen’s Despair!

E12 : Shield Crash Menace!

E13 : Shu’s Test!

E14 : The Battle We Promised!

E15 : A Fierce Battle! Valtryek Versus Spryzen!

E16 : A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!

E17 : Extreme Xcalius!

E18 : Team Battle! It’s Off the Hook!

E19 : Roktavor VS Unicrest!

E20 : Bring it Together! Chain Launch!

E21 : A Battle of Friendship!

E22 :  Valtryek Awakens!

E23 : Lonely Doomscizor!

E24 : Full Strength, For Real!

E25 : The Mysterious Masked Blader!

E26 : Let’s Do This Thing!

E27 : Training Camp! The Biting Stadium!

E28 : Mountains! Rivers! A Huge Stormy Adventure!

E29 : Eye on the Prize!

E30 : The Winged Snake! Quetziko!

E31 : Teachings of a Legend!

E32 : Cyclone Power!

E33 : Mega Flames! Dual Sabers!

E34 : The Beasts Bare Their Fangs!

E35 : Primal Attack! Beast Betromoth!

E36 : Rideout Rising!

E37 : Next Stop, Team Finals!

E38 : Battle to the Finish! Lost Luinor!

E39 : Into the Vortex! Lost Spiral!

E40 : All In! Going Solo!

E41 : Nepstrius’ Trap!

E42 : Jumbo Jormuntor! The Venomous Snake!

E43 : Winged Launch!

E44 : Roar! Battle of the Beasts!

E45 : Spryzen vs. Wyvron

E46 : Battle for the Top! Valt vs Xander

E47 : Star Battle!

E48 : Semi-Finals! Spin vs. Speed

E49 : Spin Emperors! Lui VS Shu!!

E50 : Overthrowing the King!

E51 : Final Showdown! Victory Valtryek!

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