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Beyblade Burst Turbo (Season 03) In English [1080p]

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Beyblade Burst Turbo (Season 03) In English [1080p] UnCut Version English Dubbed Japanise Dual Audio FHD Beyblade Burst S03 Free Download And Watch Online


Title : Beyblade Burst Turbo (2018)

Audio : Dual Org Auds [Eng + Jap]

Subtitles : English

Quality : 1080p FHD

Size : 400 – 450MB

More Details :

Valt Aoi, an elementary school student, starts practising Beyblades, spinning tops enchanted with magical spirits of different creatures, to work his way up and become a world class player.

Episodes List

E01 : This is a Super Z Bey!

E02 : Achilles vs Forneus!!

E03 : The Duel at Sunset!!

E04 : It’s Decided! Z Buster!

E05 : Super Z Showdown! Valkyrie vs. Longinus!

E06 : Winter Tyrant! Battle Royale!

E07 : Open! Longinus Cup!

E08 : Hell Salamander!

E09 : Rage of The Blazing Tornado!

E10 : Achilles VS Ragnaruk!!

E11 : Battle of Betrayal!

E12 : The Strong Armed Hercules!

E13 : Super Z Final Battle!

E14 : Raging Dragon! Bloody Longinus!

E15 : Defeat Lui!!”

E16 : Grand Voyage! Battleship Cruise!!

E17 : The Hero and the Holy Sword!!

E18 : A Super Z Battle on a Ghost Ship!

E19 : Fierce Fighting! The Beyathlon!

E20 : Ignite! Revive Phoenix!!

E21 : Joint Struggle! Tag Battle!!

E22 : The Raging 3-way Bey Battle!!

E23 : Fierce Battle! Protect Beystar!!

E24 : Achilles vs. Xcalibur!!

E25 : Super Dragon! Geist Fafnir!

E26 : The Heated Up Battleship!!

E27 : The Unrivaled Way!

E28 : Valt Vs. Aiga!

E29 : Lord of the Underworld, Dead Hades!

E30 : Aiga Goes Wild!

E31 : Rebirth! Super Z Valkyrie!

E32 : Demon Castle, Dead Gran!

E33 : Tremble! Dead Gran’s Trap

E34 : Fusion Bey! Eclipse!!

E35 : Flame God! Cho-Z Spriggan!

E36 : Aiga Battles the Darkness!

E37 : Super Z Clash! Showdown in the Demon Castle!

E38 : Explosive Birth! Super Z Achilles!

E39 : The Rematch With Aiga’s Spirit!!

E40 : Knight of the Wind, Air Knight!

E41 : Hearts vs. Phi!

E42 : Battle Royal! A Strategy for a Great Battle!

E43 : God of Destruction! Dead Phoenix!

E44 : Super Z Special Training: Kingdom Edition!

E45 : Super Z Special Training: Savanna Chapter!!”

E46 : Fly! Aerial Showdown!!

E47 : The God of Flames VS The God of Destruction!!

E48 : Our Beyblade!

E49 : Aiga vs. Phi!!

E50 : Aiga’s Super Z Resonance!!

E51 : Bonds! Aiga vs. Valt!!


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