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Anime Series Info

Name: Beyblade Burst Turbo

Season No: 03

Episodes: 51

Release Year: 2020

TV Channel (India): Marvel HQ

Language: Telugu

Quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p

Size: 80-220 MB

By: toonsouthindia

Synopsis: Two years after the International Blader’s Cup, the story focuses on Aiger Akabane, a “wild child” that grew up in nature. After battling Valt Aoi, he became inspired to become the No.1 Blader in the world, along with his Beyblade, Z Achilles 11 Xtend (later Turbo Achilles 00 Dimension). He aims to fight strong opponents in an effort to become stronger himself. To defeat Valt Aoi and become the World Champion, Aiger begins his journey.

-Episode List-

Episode 1Time To Go Turbo
Watch | Download

Episode 2 A vs Forneus!

Watch | Download
Episode 3 – Duel At Sunset!
Watch | Download
Episode 4 – Land It! Z Breaker! 
Watch | Download
Episode 5 – Turbo Match! Valtryek vs. Lúinor
Watch | Download
Episode 6 – Winter Knight! Battle Royale!
Watch | Download
Episode 7 – Curtains Rise! The Lúinor Cup! 
Watch | Download
Episode 8 – Transformation! Heat Salamander!
Watch | Download
Episode 9 – Swirling Inferno
Watch | Download

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