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Title : Beyblade : BeyWheels (2012)

Release Date : August 11, 2012

Episodes List : 13 (List Of Episodes)

Audio : Org Aud (Telugu)

Quality : 720p WEB-DL

Size – 100MB – 200MB

This entry in the “Beyblade” franchise is set in the peaceful, futuristic city of Destection, where Sho is the champion of the Beywheelz World Tournament. Destection is home to challenging battles between friends and allies … until it is attacked by an evil Beywheelz army, the Dominators, who want to gain control of all the Beywheelz around the world. In order to save the future and freedom of Beywheelz, Sho and his friends must take on the Dominators’ strongest fighters in a battle of good versus evil.


Episodes List Here : 


E01 : New Generation

Links Here :  Download    Pdisk


E02 : Dominators Attack!

Links Here :   Download    Pdisk


E03 : The FateFull Tag-Team Battle!

Links Here :    Download     Pdisk


E04 : The Wheeler Of Wilderness

Links Here :     Download      Pdisk


E05 : Race! The BeyWheelz Grand Prix

Links Here :     Download     Pdisk


E06 : Judgment Bey Begins

Links Here :     Download       Pdisk


E07 : The Law Of Dominaters

Links Here :      Download       Pdisk


E08 : Avenger On The Ice

Links Here :      Download      Pdisk


E09 : The Phoenix vs. the White Dragon

Links Here :       Download      Pdisk


E10 : Fierce Fight! A Battle of the Spirit

Links Here :        Download     Pdisk


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