Detective Conan Movie 18 Dimensional Sniper In Multi Audio 480p ×264 TP WEB-DL in [Tel-Tam-Eng-Ben-Mal-Mar-Kan-Guj-Asm-Ori-Pan]_mkv

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Info :-

Movie Name :- Detective Conan Dimensional Sniper

Duration :- 1hr 54minutes

Language :- Telugu — Tamil — English — Bengali — Malayalam — Marathi — Kannada — Gujarati — Assamese — Orissa — Panjabi

Quality :- 480p TP WEB-DL

Network :- ETV Balbharat

Sypnosis :- After participating in the opening ceremony, Conan, Agasa, Ran, and the Detective Boys are enjoying the view from the observation deck of the 635-metre tall Bell Tree Tower. Suddenly, a bullet breaks through a window and strikes a man’s chest, causing everyone to panic. Conan stays calm and, using the zoom function on his tracking glasses to follow the path of the bullet to its source, spots the sniper. He and Masumi Sera, who had been present at the Tower as part of an assignment to shadow the victim, pursue the fleeing culprit on Masumi’s motorcycle, but the chase takes a violent turn when the suspect uses a handgun and even hand grenades to take out his pursuers. Even the FBI get involved in the chase, but the culprit and the mysteries of the sniping end up vanishing into the ocean.The investigation turns up a connection to the special United States Navy squadron, the Navy SEALS and other former US military officers working in Japan. However, the first sniping was just the beginning; as more people are shot, the citizens of Tokyo panic! What is the meaning of the rifle case and dice left behind? As his investigation progresses, Conan soon finds himself in the sniper’s crosshairs, only to be saved by Masumi who intervenes and takes the bullet in his stead. And, in the background, Subaru Okiya begins to make his move…

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