Dragon Ball Super Season 02 Golden Frieza Saga Episodes In Single File In Multi Audio (AAC 2.0) 480p × 264 Tata Play WEB-DL in [Tel-Tam-Hin-Kan-Mal]_mkv

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Info :-

Name :- Dragon Ball Super

Season :- 02 – Golden Frieza Saga

Language :- Telugu – Tamil – Hindi – Kannada – Malayalam (AAC 2.0)

Duration :- 5hrs 02 minutes

Size :- 1.75GB

Total Episodes Of S02 :- 9 (19 – 27)

Org.run :- TV Series (2015 – 2018)

Quality :- 480p TATA PLAY WEB-DL

Sypnosis :- Afterwards, while Goku and Vegeta train, with Whis as their teacher, the remnants of Freeza’s army collect the Dragon Balls and revive Freeza. After training, Freeza returns to Earth, seeking revenge. Despite achieving the Golden Frieza transformation, he is defeated by Goku and Vegeta, who have mastered the Super Saiyan Blue transformation. In spite, Freeza destroys the Earth, but Whis reverses time, allowing Goku to slay Freeza

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Full Season 01 Episodes Are In This Single File

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