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Title : Golmaal Jr

Audio : Tamil Org Audio

Quality : TvRip

Size :

Encoded by : King of Kings / Toonking

Gopal and Madhav, two teenagers, are rivals and always engage in a game of one-upmanship. They encourage their respective gangs to play pranks on each other which lands them in trouble.

Episodes List

60th Anniversary – Watch/Download

Singing Battle – Watch/Download

Galli Cricket – Watch/Download

Chalk Chor – Watch/Download

Matching Socks – Watch/Download

Vasooli’s new Bike – Watch/Download

Boxing Match – Watch/Download

Travelling Letter – Watch/Download

Rang Jama de – Watch/Download

Bhoot ka Chakkar – Watch/Download

Kaise Badhegi Height – Watch/Download

Vasooli ki Champi – Watch/Download

Fun Games – Watch/Download

No Picnic – Watch/Download

Tere mere Speech mein – Watch/Download

Party Badlu – Watch/Download

Nakli Papa – Watch/Download

Book of Records – Watch/Download

Mixed Martial Arts – Watch/Download

Pani Pani – Watch/Download

Madhav ka Melodrama – Watch/Download

Principal’s Wax Statue – Watch/Download

Bad Good Luck – Watch/Download

Fishing Trip – Watch/Download

Multiple Principal – Watch/Download

Rocket to Moon – Watch/Download

Treasure Hunt – Watch/Download

Principal ka Principal – Watch/Download

CCTV ka Chakkar – Watch/Download

TV Bandh – Watch/Download

Bhul Gaye Homework – Watch/Download

Bandar School ke Andar – Watch/Download

Wedding Gate Crash – Watch/Download

Milli’s Fancy Dress Competition – Watch/Download

Vasooli’s Birthday Wish – Watch/Download

Missing Question Papers – Watch/Download

Werewolf – Watch/Download

Holi Hai – Watch/Download

Nakli Principal – Watch/Download

Pappi ka Plan – Watch/Download

Tip Top English – Watch/Download

Principal’s Memory Loss – Watch/Download

Principal’s Old Car – Watch/Download

Golden Statue – Watch/Download

Hygiene Inspection – Watch/Download

Quiz Competition – Watch/Download

Duplicate Principal – Watch/Download

Madhav bana Headboy – Watch/Download

School main Bomb – Watch/Download

Yogi Gopu – Watch/Download

Queen’s Necklace – Watch/Download

Besan mein Gold – Watch/Download

Pappi can’t move Baawaa – Watch/Download

5 Star Tent ki Race – Watch/Download

Paani Khatam – Watch/Download

Dushman ki Judaai – Watch/Download

Dekh Pappi Dekh – Watch/Download

Miss Diva – Watch/Download

Invisible Ink – Watch/Download

Pappi vs Jhappi – Watch/Download

Roopvati kahan Gayi – Watch/Download

New Girl in School – Watch/Download

Business Partner – Watch/Download

Hadd dar de aap ne – Watch/Download

Haste to Waste – Watch/Download

Vasooli ka Auto Ricksaw – Watch/Download

Vasooli ki Pav Bhaji – Watch/Download

Parents Pappi aur proof – Watch/Download

Table Tennis ka Menace – Watch/Download

Pappi bana Jaanvar – Watch/Download

Unknown episode (Vasooli ki Biscuit) – Watch/Download

Junk ki Jung – Watch/Download

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