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Title : Krishna Balram

Audio : Org Audio

Quality : HDRip

Size : 60MB

Encoder : PRCC

From playing pranks to destroying demons, Lord Krishna and brother Balaram’s lives in Vrindavan are action-packed in this mythological series.

Episodes List:

Episode 14: Janmashtami in Vrindavan/Paulasua

Episode 15: Tree Mystery/Dev Balak

Episode 16: Durshtasur/The Great Yogamuni

Episode 17: The Prison at Indralok/The Lure of Vrindavan

Episode 18: Holi in Vrindavan/Trisura

Episode 19: The Kimpurushas

Episode 20: The Parijat Flower/Rudra Bhaksha

Episode 21: The Imposter/Gandharva

Episode 22: Disciple’s Revenge/Devi Saraswati’s Veena

Episode 23: The Evil Snake/Ek Adbhut Asur

Episode 24: Gurdabhasur

Episode 25: The Curse of Golden Dee/The Star Eating Demon

Episode 26: The Animal Kingdom/Pataal Pralay

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