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Title : Oye Golu

Audio : Tamil Org Audio

Size : 80MB

Quality : 480p HDRip

Encode by : Power Rangers Cartoon Club

Episodes List:

Episode 1 : Adi Bana Haathi

Episode 2 : Sarphire Sharmaji

Episode 3 : Mad Dog

Episode 4 : Teacher’s Pet

Episode 5 : Yoga Competition

Episode 6 : Surprise Party

Episode 7 : Cycle Race

Episode 8 : Oye Chiku

Episode 9 : Mummy Swap

Episode 10: Kalakari Mendak

Episode 11: Tumhare Bhale Ke Liye

Episode 12: Substitute Teacher

Episode 13: Papa Ke Gulgule

Episode 14: Silent Sevak

Episode 15: Mummy Mummy

Episode 16: Genie aur Genius

Episode 17: Emotionally Golulicious

Episode 18: Best Birthday Gift

Episode 19: Dhyaan Kahaan Hai

Episode 20: Amir Tijoriwala

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