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Pokemon Season 9: Battle Frontier Episodes in [Telugu+Tamil+Hindi+English]

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Pokemon Season 9: Battle Frontier Episodes in Telugu+Tamil+Hindi+English Dubbed 1080p VootKids WEB-DL Free Download And Watch Online


Title : Pokemon Season 9: Battle Frontier

Audio : Org Audio

Quality : 1080p VootKids WEB-DL

Size : 200 – 350MB

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The territory might be familiar, but even Ash and Brock can find more than a few surprises in their home region of Kanto, like a Pokémon Ranger hot on the cases of two Legendary Pokémon! May’s back on the Contest path, blazing a trail to the Kanto Grand Festival, while Ash seeks out the hidden facilities of the Battle Frontier. If finding them wasn’t hard enough, he’s still got battles with the Frontier Brains to deal with—much tougher than any Gym Leader he’s ever faced.

Episodes List:

Episode 1 : Fear Factor Phony!

Episode 2 : Sweet Baby James

Episode 3 : A Chip Off the Old Brock

Episode 4 : Wheel of Frontier

Episode 6 : Weekend Warrior

Episode 7 : On Olden Pond

Episode 9 : Reversing the Charges

Episode 10: The Green Guardian

Episode 11: From Cradle to Save

Episode 12: Time Warp Heals All Wounds

Episode 13: Queen of the Serpentine

Episode 14: Off the Unbeaten Path

Episode 15: Harley Rides Again

Episode 16: Odd Pokemon Out

Episode 17: Spontaneous Combusken

Episode 18: Cutting the Ties That Bind

Episode 19: Ka Boom with a View

Episode 20: King and Queen For a Day

Episode 21: Curbing the Crimson Tide

Episode 22: What I Did For Love

Episode 23: Three Jynx and a Baby

Episode 24: Talking a Good Game

Episode 25: Second Times the Charm

Episode 26: Pokemon Ranger – Deoxys Crisis Part 1

Episode 27: Pokemon Ranger – Deoxys Crisis Part 2

Episode 28: All That Glitters is Not Golden

Episode 29: New Plot, Odd Lot!

Episode 30: Going for Choke

Episode 31: The Ole’ Berate and Switch

Episode 32: Grating Spaces

Episode 33: Battling the Enemy Within

Episode 34: Slaking Kong

Episode 35: May, We Harley Drew’d Ya

Episode 36: Thinning the Hoard

Episode 37: Channeling the Battle Zone

Episode 38: Aipom and Circumstance

Episode 39: Strategy Tomorrow – Comedy Tonight

Episode 40: Duels of the Jungle

Episode 41: Overjoyed

Episode 42: The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing

Episode 43: Pinch Healing

Episode 44: Gathering the Gang of Four

Episode 45: Pace the Final Frontier

Episode 46: Once More With Reeling

Episode 47: Home is Where the Start is

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