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Encode by : Power Rangers Cartoon Club (PRCC)

The Power Rangers’ new member, Dillon, isn’t sure he wants to be on the team until he has a dream that sets the Rangers into action.

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Episodes List:

Episode 1 : The Road to Corinth

Episode 2 : Fade to Black

Episode 3 : Rain

Episode 4 : Go for the Green

Episode 5 : Handshake

Episode 6 : Ranger Green

Episode 7 : Ranger Red

Episode 8 : Ranger Yellow Part 1

Episode 9 : Ranger Yellow Part 2

Episode 10: Ranger Blue

Episode 11: Doctor K

Episode 12: Blitz

Episode 13: Brother’s Keeper

Episode 14: Embodied

Episode 15: Ghosts

Episode 16: In or Out

Episode 17: Prisoners

Episode 18: Belly of the Beast

Episode 19: Three’s a Crowd

Episode 20: Heroes Among us

Episode 21: Not so Simple

Episode 22: The Dome Dolls

Episode 23: Not Aired on Tv (In Tamil)

Episode 24: Ancient History

Episode 25: Key to the Past

Episode 26: Beyond a Doubt

Episode 27: Control-Alt-Delete

Episode 28: Run Ziggy Run

Episode 29: If Venjix Won

Episode 30: End Game

Episode 31: Danger and Destiny Part 1

Episode 32: Danger and Destiny Part 2

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