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Title : Shin Chan (Season 02)

Audio : Multi Org Audio [Tam + Tel + Hin]

Quality : HDRip 576p

Size : 400 – 500MB

Credits : ATTKC

Crayon Shin-chan, also known as Shin Chan, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. It follows the adventures of the five-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara and his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbours, and friends and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture of Japan

Episodes List

E01 : Have a Supper / Kite Flying is fun / Lets make a snowman

E02 : Making lunch box is tough / Play Cooking / Helping at the bookstore

E03 : I am a Model / Hot spring for everyone

E04 : Bean Throwing Night / Mummy goes shopping / I love steamboat

E05 :  I caught a cold / Being a policeman is tough / Karaoke session

E06 :  Lets buy some roasted red bean / A stay in our school / The night in our School

E07 : Keep quiet in the library / Gearing for marathon / Marathon day

E08 : Its a girls festival / Going to swimming school / Training Shiro

E09 : I play Badminton / Going on a field trip / Take a walk with Shiro

E10 : Ordering pizza delivery / My friends hamster / Sunning my beddings

E11 :  Soccer practice / Soccer game / Earthquake!

E12 :  A place for cherry blossom / A Visit to daddy’s office

E13 : Sowing Seeds / Spending at the Grocery Store / A Face Without Eyebrows

E14 : I am a detective / Go shopping with mummy

E15 : festival / Kicking tin cans / Elevator girl

E16 : Mothers strained back! / The saleslady from hell / Mothers day

E17 : Setting out for a picnic / An incident during picnic

E18 : I hate to keep toys / Night time is adults world / My book is bestseller

E19 : Teacher is sick / Visiting my teacher

E20 : I hate to throw trash / Saleslady from Hell taking revenge / Revolving Sushi

E21 : Helping someone in trouble / Being a carpenter is tough / Shiro is missing

E22 : Asking a politician questions / Listening to big sister / Today is Fathers Day

E23 : Man can cook / Mummy got a toothache / Wedding outfit adventure

E24 : Playing with a bully again / Attending a wedding ceremony / A wedding party

E25 : I cant sleep / Pool cleaning is fun / We Won a Trip to Guam

E26 : Balloons Balloons / I found a Wallet / I go sightseeing with Granddad!

E27 : Eating Shaved Ice Dessert / Injection for Shiro / Family camping

E28 :  The next big time singer / Continue drawing the track / What a hot night

E29 : Miss Yoshinagas private life / The last sales lady / Buying air-con

E30 : To the petrol station / Watermelon craze / How to cut watermelon

E31 : Its a date with Miss Matsuzaka! / Practicing sumo! / I do my best at sumo!

E32 : I go to the police station! / I go to collect insects! / Cleaning up with Mom!

E33 : Damaged by a typhoon! / I confront the girl who leads this group of bad kids! / I beat you at dodge ball!

E34 : OLA is a detective! / An ambulance at the hospital! / Hospitals favorite!

E35 : Welcome newlyweds! / Training for a race! / I shoot an athletic meet on video!

E36 : Mom is on a diet! / I go to the sports club! / Dad lost his eyebrows!

E37 : I carry a portable shrine! / I take part in a flea market! / I do business at the flea market!

E38 : I fix the drain spout! / I love sushi! / My brother, the chickee!

E39 : I find a chicken! / I help with the washing! / I go to the newlyweds home!

E40 : Lets play school! / Lets have a BBQ! / Dad is tired!

E41 : Mom in her middy and skirt! / I play with the model house! / I select a family photo!

E42 : I try my hand at sewing! / I hate getting shots! / Taking care of the client!

E43 : Dont praise me so much! / Dad really hates cats! / I play at the bookstore again today!

E44 : I eat Chinese noodles! / Im a very talented skater! / The newlyweds fight!

E45 : I Make Some Cookies / Miss Matsuzaka’s Marriage Meeting / Elections Are Sure Rough

E46 : Knitting a Sweater / Riding a Packed Train / Playing at Dads Office

E47 : Fashion Show Adventure / Kindergarten Spring Cleaning / The Sound of New Years Eve

Season 02 Completed

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