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Shin Chan (Season 03) in [Tamil + Telugu + Hindi] Dubbed HD Episodes Free Download And Watch Online WEBRip Crayon Shin-chan S03


Title : Shin Chan (Season 03)

Audio : Multi Org Auds

Quality : 580p WEBRip

Size : 400 – 500MB

Credits : ATTKC

Episodes List

E01 : Receiving Red Packets / Shopping With Red Packets Money / Here comes Grandparents!

E02 : Going for a Ski Trip / The activity after Skiing / My whole family is Skiing

E03 : Ways to avoid being late / Lets make natto and rice!

E04 : Playing at a girls school! / Call me Pencil Shin-chan / Im a impersonator

E05 : The lottery! / Lets go to a funeral! / A snowball fight

E06 : Im changing my hairstyle! / Visiting Kazama-kun at his illness! / The chairman’s house is a villa!

E07 : Hatena is a mysterious cat! / Cleaning your ears feels good! / Misae’s class reunion

E08 : The softball tournament part 1 / The softball tournament part 2 / A divorce at the Nohara house!

E09 : It’s a tricycle race! / Eat at a baikingu!

E10 : I enjoy the art in a museum! / Im Kazama-kun! / I entertain the director!

E11 : Dad is sick! / Putting on makeup is fun! / I get a brother!

E12 : Edo Land – Tale of Fire! / Edo Land – Tale of Water! / I go out even though it is windy!

E13 : Flower viewing is dangerous! / A long, tedious conversation is annoying! / I have a craving for Chinese noodles!

E14 : Setting my sights upon Love in calligraphy! / Cleaning up the Kotatsu! / It’s the introduction to the Buri Buri movie! (Skipped)

E15 : I beat you at gathering shellfish! / Dreadful payday! / Great stingy plan!

E16 : I play house with the leader of the gang! / Mom has no drivers license! / Lets learn how to drive!

E17 : I want to eat expensive sweets! / Miss Matsuzaka is tired! / Mom ran away from home!

E18 : Special lessons in traffic rules! / I want to see an alien! / My autograph book!

E19 :  Changing wardrobes at the change of seasons! / Lunch is barbecued beef! / The racetrack is fun!

E20 : Riding my bicycle to kindergarten is fun! / Mom will get her drivers license! / I go for a drive with Mom!

E21 : Good boy, Shin-chan! / I go bowling! / I take care of Sabu-chan!

E22 : I go to the Tokyo Dome! / Strict rules of the girl leader of the group of bad kids! / A love letter from the girl leader of a group of bad kids!

E23 : I play with Dad! / Mountain climbing is tough! / The food section at the department store is fun!

E24 : Going to the zoo! / I be on a live broadcast! / Being a carpenter is tough!

E25 : I run away from home! / I do my best at the swimming meet! / Im good at Pachinko!

E26 : Easy Going Mom! / The lost kitten! / I go see a new car!

E27 : We will not fear the goons / Going for a boat ride

E28 : Time for Summer Camp / A Test of Courage at Camp! / Distressed about the melon

E29 : Hiroshi struggles to sleep / Watching the sea lion show

E30 : Outdoor bathtub on a summer day / Making cartoons / An encounter with Action Mask

E31 : Helping Keiko and Satoshi in Shifting to a new house

E32 : I go to the post office on an errand / I go to the Haunted House / Shin-chan and Hiroshi do the cooking

E33 : Gardening capsicum plants / Dad stops smoking / I go along with Miss Matsuzaka

E34 : I clean my lunch set / I try many kinds of baths / I play at Health Land

E35 : I look after the lost child / Asking for forgiveness

E36 :  I go fishing on the ship / I confront a girl prodigy / I go to pick up someone by car

E37 : Tasting the famous curry / Taking Shiro for a walk! / Competition with borrowed items

E38 : Playing a tennis match / Going for a long picnic / Talking to a baby

E39 : Playing with the fax machine / I am a gifted painter / My leg is broken

E40 : Being troubled by a crow / Fighting with Kazama! / I still hate green pepper

E41 : Going out for a boat ride / Cleaning the mess / Eating a jumbo ramen!

E42 : The ice-cream incident / Farewell to Kazama-kun / Im forgotten

E43 : Napping can be rough! / Lunch at a restaurant / Getting a haircut with dad!

E44 : Playing hide and seek / Learning to bath a baby / Moms part-time job

E45 : Miss Matsuzaka’s holiday / I be a child in Nene-chan’s family / Unable to enter the house

E46 : Returning a handkerchief

E47 : Darkness is fun / A new substitute teacher / Poor birdie

E48 : An early New Years card / The home delivery business is tough / Yoshinaga-sensei’s eve

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