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Shin Chan (Season 04) in [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu]

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Shin Chan (Season 04) in [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu] Dubbed HD Episodes Free Download And Watch Online Crayon Shin-Chan S04 Full Episode


Title : Crayon Shin-Chan (Season 04)

Audio : Multi Org Auds [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu]

Quality : WEBRip 576p

Size : 400 – 450MB

Creadits : ATTKC

Crayon Shin-chan, also known as Shin Chan, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. It follows the adventures of the five-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara and his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbours, and friends and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture of Japan.

Episodes List

E01 : New years day is so very busy! / Going skiing / The ski slope is a fuss

E02 : Neighbourhood patrolling / Masao! Our hero / Hiroshi remains hungry

E03 : Auntie Masae comes to town! / Suffering from cold / I caught a cold!

E04 : Shifting the snow is fun

E05 : This baby is cute / Kazama bunks a lecture

E06 : Drawing on a wall / Lucky draw / Chiroku clears her exam

E07 : Shin-chan wastes tissues / Time for a nap / Watching the beautiful stars

E08 : Learning calligraphy / Visit to a TV station / Fixing the TV problem

E09 : Learning how to eat / Visiting a neighbour / Reading at a library

E10 : Shin-chan and Shiro take a bath / A lesson in love! / A lesson in love! 2

E11 : Stay at a hotel / Visit to Action Land

E12 : Ah, spring is here…! / Shiro is unwell / Fun with cherry blossoms!

E13 : A promise / TV stops working / Shiro’s favourite toy

E14 : I wanna go for a drive! / Shin-chan’s own room / Could it be… love??

E15 : Misae meets with an accident / Misae calls the cops / Matsuzaka and Kawaguchi express their feelings

E16 : Movie time / Kasukabe Defence Force / Kawaguchi and Matsuzaka’s date

E17 : Watching Sumo wrestling live

E18 : Hiroshi’s business trip / Shin-chan will miss his father / Bidding goodbye to Hiroshi

E19 :  A night without daddy / Playing baseball is a problem / Doing some cleaning

E20 : Shin-chan drinks coffee / Shin-chan visits Nene-chan / Grandfathers visit

E21 : Boarding the bullet train / A day in Osaka

E22 : Heavy shopping / Saving a sparrow / A video for Hiroshi

E23 : Hiroshi’s return / Shin-chan blackmails Ryuko / Shin-chan cooks food

E24 : Shin-chan plays with Hitoshi / Fishing competition / Misae and the mouse

E25 : Heavy rains forecast / Watching TV at midnight / The festival

E26 : Watching TV at midnight / The festival

E27 : Trying to ask out Nanpa! / Spoiled food!

E28 :  Playing with Kazama-kun!

E29 : Taking care of the inn!

E30 : Misae suffers from constipation / Matsuzaka mam is tensed / Fireworks in the sky

E31 : I’m a baby-sitter! / I chase Dad! / I fulfill my delivery mission!

E32 : Dreaming Dad! / Nene-chan gets mad! / Proposal anniversary!

E33 : My treasure pants! / My pants fly! / Showing off my pants!

E34 : I have a lively time at the athletic meet! / I’m exhausted after staying out overnight! / Mom tries to play golf!

E35 : It is I, captain Shin-chan! / Dad’s reunion! / The reunion is fun!

E36 :  Penguin repays a kindness! / The fried noodles blow up! / What a rainy day!

E37 : Dad’s rear end hurts! / Ora the justice ninja / Dad goes to the hospital

E38 : I buy an expensive steak!

E39 : Three thieves and me! / The Action Mask Man Spider Robot of Fear! / I refurbish Shiro’s house!

E40 : Cleaning up dead leaves! / I prepare for winter! / The story of the beloved Shiro!

E41 : I play tag with Bo-chan! / I follow a date! / I jazz up the date!

E42 : Angry Red Scorpion Group! / No reading in the bookstore

E43 : A fever attacks the whole family! / The defense force plays hero!

E44 : Miss Matsuzaka is asked out! / The Action Mask Man Big Wave Plan!

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