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Shin Chan Season 13 [Tamil + Telugu + Hindi] Free Download Dubbed S13 Full Episodes in 1080p WEB_DL Online Watching Crayon Shin-Chan


Title : Crayon Shin-Chan

Audio : Multi Org Auds [Tam Tel Hin]

Quality : 1080p WEB_DL

Size : 230 – 250MB

Status : Completed 52/52

Crayon Shin-chan is a popular yet controversial Japanese anime series. FUNimation made their dub more mature in content compared to the original. Shin is a 5-year-old boy who is constantly doing and saying inappropriate things, much to the dismay and annoyance of those around him, with hilarious results. Shin along with his family including his little sister Himawari and his dog Shiro, as well as his friends from kindergarten, ends up turning everyday situations into funny adventures.

Episodes List

E01 : I Dont Like Su Su – Calligraphy Is Interesting

E02 : Letter for Nene – Make Friends 

E03 : Appear in Doggys Calendar – Power Up With Fake Eyelashes

E04 : Bazaar in Preschool – Principals Disaster

E05 : Shinko-Chan Appears Again – Clean Up Cardboard Boxes.

E06 : Action Kamen Towel – Memorable Perth Trip

E07 : Kasukabe Big Association – Looking Housework Maid Lady

E08 : Shooting Stars – Driving Anywhere

E09 : I Want to See My Bride – Apply for Prize

E10 : Matsuzaka Madam Will Marry – Secret of My Birth

E11 : Shiro Is Missing – Shinchan Is Back Again

E12 : Bochan and Himawari – Playing Sugoroku Game

E13 : Decorate Baby Buggy – Escort Nene

E14 : Go to Himawaris Event – Kazamas Hair

E15 : Rock Soul – Soccer Taro Beat Devil

E16 : This Is Too Big – Protect Carpet

E17 : Get the Sticker – Home With Himawari

E18 : Good Bye Micchi and Yoshirin

E19 : What Bochan Wants – I Will Water Plants

E20 : Chocobi World – Table Devil.

E21 : Walk on White Lines – First Coin Laundry

E22 : Dads Secret Night – Principal Change His Image

E23 : Expensive Cake Shop – Product With Reason

E24 : Dad Takes Care of Kids – Bad Role Is Nice

E25 : I Want Toy – I Will Follow Nanako Madam

E26 : Rabbit Came to Our Home – Lets Go to Cinema

E27 : Fallen Leaves – Ai in Danger

E28 : Remote Control Is Convenient – Birthday of Moe

E29 : Make Names – Secret Room Is Paradise

E30 : Shopping With Shiro – We Spy Rose Group

E31 : I Want Brother – Moms Diary

E32 : Imagination – Bad Mom

E33 : Create Name Card – Get Big One

E34 : Teach How to Take Care of Dog – I Pick Up Money

E35 : Pirate of Alibian – Teachers Go for Shopping

E36 : Normal High School Girl Student Time

E37 : Strange Ring – My Dad Works at Home

E38 : Going for Lunch – Kazamas Summer Holiday

E39 : Musae Gang of Kids – Stay in Countryside

E40 : Lets Look for Treasure – Kasukabe Ninja Group

E41 : Scary Dvd – I Am a Genius Designer

E42 : I Am Pro Baseball Player – Crime Lab Team

E43 : Fish Shaped Pancake Shop – Dropped the Purse

E44 : What Is Inside the Box – Ai Chan Is Free

E45 : Chikuwa and Moyashi – Stylish Coffee Shop

E46 : Ageo Madam Is Strange – Clean Entrance

E47 : Nohara Family Escape – Flower for Masao

E48 : Can Kick Game – Feel Hot With Hot Pack

E49 : Golden Fish and Bochan – Pant Is in Danger

E50 : Cooking Rice – Himawari Is Baby Sitter

E51 : Mamas Leg Sprained – Shiro Is a Prince

E52 : Missing in Cherry Blossom – I Dont Want Bell-Pepper

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