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Title : The PowerPuff Girls (2016)

Audio : Tamil Original Audio

Quality : 720p HDTvRip

Size : 40 – 50MB

In this reboot of the classic Cartoon Network series, the Powerpuff Girls return to protect Townsville from villains who want to take over the metropolis. Sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have to manage their homework with their superhero activities as they face a continuous parade of bad guys. Although they have good teamwork, the sisters sometimes need to get help from Professor Utonium and The Mayor to help them take down the evildoers. The girls hope to show people that it’s possible to save the world and still get to bed before their bedtime.

Episodes List

● S01 E5.1 : Horn, Sweet Horn

● S01 E35 : Professor Proofed

● S02 E3.2 : 15 Minutes of Fame

● S02 E10 : The Tell Tale Schedulebot

More Episodes Too Soon…

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